Online Extremism

When it comes to online extremism hate speech is a vehicle of connection. Those who drive hate speech share some common traits, according to Assoc. Prof. Michael Grimshaw, they tend to be young, and they tend to be male.

Assoc Professor Michael Patrick Grimshaw, University of Canterbury.

Online Hate

The proposed hate speech law changes have attracted 19,000 submissions. One of those is from Internet NZ which favours greater protections. James Ting-Edwards says being online should be a positive experience for all.

James Ting-Edwards, Senior Policy Advisor, Internet NZ.

Counter Speech

Counter speech is being touted as one of the most effective ways to combat hate speech online. Dr David Bromell, the author of “Regulating free speech in a digital age”, advocates that the answer to hate speech is more speech not less speech.

Dr David Bromell, Senior Associate, Institute for Governance & Policy Studies, Victoria University.

Hate and the Law

Media law Professor Ursula Cheer is a staunch defender of free speech. She has serious reservations about hate speech legislation and its potential to compromise cherished democratic freedoms.

Professor Ursula Cheer, University of Canterbury.

Hurt and Harm

Cyber bullying, insults, and provocative comments are part of online life, but that does not make it acceptable. Christchurch City Councillor Sara Templeton is calling for more action to curb harmful behaviour online after being the victim of harassment.

Sara Templeton, Councillor for Heathcote, Christchurch City Council.