Community of Strangers

Phase 2: Edging Towards Hope

Phase Two: Edging Towards Hope

Community of Strangers is a project that keeps on growing - in phase two we’re focusing on the community’s search for hope and meaning following the March 15th terror attacks.

In phase one we discussed hate speech and radicalization, now in phase two we’re looking at how the message of unity in diversity, is changing people’s perceptions and combating prejudice.

Christchurch Peace Train

Christchurch Peace Train has become an important symbol of unity and hope following the March 15th terror attacks against Christchurch Muslims.

But behind the scenes, there are community-based groups like the Sakinah Trust and Mahia Te Aroha, working to support victim’s families and to promote greater unity and understanding.

Lady Khadija Trust

The Lady Khadija Trust has a motto of ‘Empowering communities through compassion’ their aim is to work collaboratively to empower others.

They’ve worked closely with a number of different individuals and groups to promote hope in humanity. Community of Strangers is one of their projects.


Interfaith is a global movement designed to reduce conflict and promote understanding between different beliefs. The focus tends to be on universal themes like shared humanity that transcend difference and promote peace.

Experiences following the Mosque terror attacks in Christchurch, show that the sacred and the secular are pretty much the same when it comes to promoting peace.

Brother Farid

A survivor of the Christchurch Mosque attacks Farid Ahmed is known around the world as the person who forgave the terrorist who murdered his wife and fifty other people, on March the 15th, 2019.

Unity in Diversity has become Farid’s message of hope to the world following the terror attack. For Farid it’s about counteracting hate with love.

Share Kai

Share Kai is an opportunity to sit down and chat with different people from different cultures.

As part of Unity Week, Riverside Market became the latest venue, with a ‘diversity mix and mingle’ on the menu.